FMT Beach management services include but are not limited to:

  • Professional divers
  • Lifeguards
  • Beach furniture
  • Water Sports including:
    • Jetskis
    • Kayaks
    • speed boats
    • banana boats
    • Flybooarding
    • Wakeboarding
    • water bike
    • Water Park and play area

FMT Beach is recognized and was awarded of one of the biggest contracts in Bahrain, the Maintenance, Management and Operational Services for Marassi Beach, BIlaj Al Jazyer Beach and Water Garden City focusing on tourism, recreation, and housing in a context of  quality amenities, open spaces and public Beaches for both residents and foreign visitors.

Established to provide quality service for all the facility requirements of any establishments. It is a private company and an organization with the commitment and interest in professionally serving the interest of the client as a partner at the optimum level of quality, service and integrity.

FMT Beach & Facility management services also provide Cavit Cleaning & Machinery, Underwater and Hull Cleaning services as well.

Specialized underwater cleaning and Commercial Diving services include:

FMT has also undertaken pier Cleaning for the US Naval Base in Bahrain and NSA II for KBR/US Navy in Bahrain

Underwater cleaning of the barnacles for finger columns and fenders. A total of 163 concrete columns at the travelling carne pier, small craft pier and the boat ramp wear cleaned.

FMT also introduced a cavit Cleaner machine for underwater cleaning and Commercial Diving.