Foodcorp WLL was incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s to manage the country’s first ever, mushroom production farm.

FoodCorp Mushroom Growing Facility was established as a sustainable industry within the local market and beyond. The demand for mushrooms is growing exponentially as is the population and tourism in Bahrain and the Middle East in general. 

We identified a gap in Bahrain and realised that there are, at present no local mushroom farms in Bahrain and the products are being supplied by suppliers from Holland and Oman. Foodcorp was set up to to address this need and is the first of its kind to be constructed in Bahrain. 

The turnkey construction was undertaken by a European firm, who specialize in the field of mushroom cultivation and the quality and control are implemented to European standards.

With an area of 2 hectares and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Municipality & Agriculture, Bahrain Foodcorp has set up multiple growing rooms. These rooms are completely sealed from outside contamination with state-of-the-art computerised climate control systems.

The facility is overseen with Support/Technical back up from experts from Europe and Australia.