In 2020 FMT Ventures made the bold move to venture further and enter the the food & beverage space by creating MOW Cafe & Bakery.

Through MOW Cafe we will distribute a selection of gourmet food & beverages from several local and international brands.

MOW opened it’s very first kiosk in the popular business district in Bahrain catering to employees of various surrounding companies bring drinks, freshly baked pastries daily, quick bites and a variety of quick lunch options. MOW prides itself in being a new first of it’s kind concept in Bahrain that combines fine luxury baked foods, at affordable pricing with easy grab and go packaging.


Chez sophie’s goal is to become the number 1 neighborhood bakery. They focus on baking a wide variety of breads and pastries, made from the best ingredients in the world. Their butter is Irish, chocolate is Belgian, and flour is Canadian.

Using the correct and high-quality ingredients helps in making Chez Sophie’s products with the highest quality possible and sustaining its quality and taste day by day.

Chez Sophie currently has 2 outlets both located in Amwaj Island, the largest gated Community in Bahrain.


What is so attractive about Ladurée and what makes our customers’ eyes light up in front of all of our scrumptious delights?

Our mantra : “Looks good and tastes good- every day”.

Creating a pastry stems first from satisfying what our customers want. At Ladurée, we strive to convey the emotion each pastry chef has instilled in their creation. Ensuring our sweet treats design requires well-mastered savoir- faire.

It’s through its experts’ legendary savoir-faire that Maison Ladurée makes its myth last, with what we still make today using all our chefs’ input, as our products show.

The Ladurée Chefs have the magic power to stop time thanks to their skills. Pastry-making is an art, a true alchemy. Only passionate chefs using their impeccable skills can succeed in making fine pastries.

Ladurée is a French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created in 1862. It is one of the world’s best-known premier sellers of the double-decker macaron, 15,000 of which are sold every day. FMT will bring to Bahrain the wonderful world of Ladurée.

Composed of elegant, refined and enchanted pastries, Ladurée is the perfect embodiment of the so popular French art of living.

Maison Ladurée has been setting itself aside for years through its ethics and principles which embody its value.